by founder  - Belinda Coker

In 2004, Belinda founded Envirosax, a world-leading and iconic designer reusable bag company after “an idea.”  Back then, it's hard to believe, but reusable bags were virtually unheard of.  It wasn't actually until when a journalist coined the phrase "going green" that the reusable revolution was born.

Unfortunately, many customized bags end up as landfill.

Belinda has seen many poor quality corporate bags enter the market.  Many well-meaning businesses give away reusable bags, hoping that they will make an impact - both on the environment and their marketing strategy.  They are either poor quality non woven polypropylene (those VERY lightweight screen printed bags often given away at tradeshows), or the bags are just too damn ugly for your customers to tote around town with.  So they generally end up as landfill.

Our philosophy is to make a substantial environmental impact with design while promoting your brand.

We believe in environmental sustainability. One-use plastic bags & bottles take years to photo-degrade, they clog drains, cause flooding, pollute rivers, streams, and oceans, kill animals and destroy plant life.  There exists a ‘plastic island’ approximately 500 nautical miles off the Californian coast made up of 9 billion pounds of plastic garbage, and it’s reportedly growing.

We want you to help tackle the growing issue of unsustainable one-use items that abound our planet. Be the business that is seen to be helping this major environmental crisis.  

Create a bag that people would love to carry - even if they have no idea who your company is!  

Envirosax Custom bags are lightweight, portable, waterproof and last well over five years, each one potentially replacing 5,000 one-use plastic bags over their lifetime. As more and more cities and states become plastic -free, reusable bags are needed by more people every day.  

Show your customers that you care about the environment
Create a bag your customers will want to carry with them
Be part of the zero-waste movement 
It's a Win-Win!