About Our Bags


Our bags are made offshore in the same factory that has been making Envirosax since 2004. All bags are printed with eco-friendly dyes and waterless printing methods.  We pride ourselves by not only helping the environment in our own back yard, but also we care about China's fragile environment caused by the recent increase in factories and manufacturing plants.

Envirosax Custom bags are a premium product at a low cost for your business

  • High quality - actually they are super strong! Load tested to more than 44lbs.

  • Safety tested for lead and other toxic materials and in compliance with US legislation

  • Easy to carry in a handbag or put in a glove compartment (only weighs 1.4 oz)

  • Functionality – rolls up into the same size of a sushi roll (4 inches)

  • Variety of uses from shopping, travel, beach, baby gear, library books, etc

  • Wide shoulder straps/handles making it easier to carry heavy loads

  • Carry the size equivalent of two plastic grocery bags

  • Water resistant – great for the beach to carry wet towels and swimsuits

  • Double stitching to ensure a strong, durable bag

  • Will not fade and machine washable

  • The solution to one-use plastic bags

  • Dimensions of unrolled bag is 19.5”x16.5”

The option to print using Certified 100% recycled polyester

* All certifications available upon request