Getting your business the reusable bag it deserves has never been so easy!

We have 2 different types of bags to choose from with more items due to be added to our range later soon 

Signature Bags  - the world is your oyster when it comes to design with these beautiful polyester bags with almost no limit as to what print you can have~

Natural Bags - Yep we also make bags from Cotton (organic as an option) or bamboo fiber.

Signature Bags

3 cups


1½ cups


Artwork can be applied over the entire bag

Embroidered side tag can include up to 3 Pantone colors and include logo, website or tagline

Snap can be dyed to required Pantone or include stamped logo 

Reveal the magic!

Signature bags are printed using a waterless sublimation process., using certified non-toxic inks in accordance with US Legislation.

Due to the nature of the print process, printing can include vector, CMYK or even photography.  The print is not topical, it is sublimated into the polyester fibers so your print is embedded into the fabric.  These bags will not fade, so your marketing efforts can be seen for years to come.

There are many options available to you with this type of print that will allow you to completely customize your bag with your branding.

Here are some of the options:


Vector Artwork

The most common option is for the bag to be printed using vector artwork. Each color is attributed to a separate Pantone color


A Two Sided Bag!

A fun way when you have just too much to say!

Using this method, our bags can be produced with a different print on either side!



When your artwork is not vector artwork, and may include gradients or many colors.  Our friendly team is standing by to help you decide if this is your option 



Printed also with a CMYK process, we are able to produce high definition photographs on your bags. Ideal for design-led businesses 

Signature Bags Gallery 

Natural Bags

Our premium natural bags made from organic cotton or bamboo fiber are a great addition to your business.

3 cups


1½ cups


Embroidered side tag can include up to 3 Pantone colors and include logo, website or tagline

Area for printing 12" x 12"

Reveal the magic!

​Made to the same pattern as our Signature bags, a natural bag can be silk screen printed or printed with a repeat design. Inks can be chosen from your corporate Pantone color


Natural Bags Gallery